Interactive Websites for the Curriculum

Chicago Archdiocese

November 10th, 2007, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Workshop Goal – Teachers will locate, evaluate, and explore the best internet resources to enhance your curriculum. This workshop will provide a list of websites to help you design lessons and locate already written rubrics for every possible assignment, and resources to really engage your students in the content. We’ll look at resources for every subject area and learn some new ways to design web-based activities.


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Workshop Objectives – The Teachers will:

1.    discuss criteria for using websites in the classroom

2.    dicsuss, locate and evaluate 4 activities for using the Internet for interactive learning:  Virtual Field Trips, Internet Hunts, Webquests, and Skill Building .

3.    design a lesson using an interactive website for classroom use

4.    locate rubrics for assessment




I.      Welcome and Introductions

II.   Website Evaluation

III.           Overview of Interactive Website Categories

IV.           Virtual Field Trips – locate and evaluate

V.   Internet Hunts – locate, evaluate, create

VI.           Lunch

VII.       WebQuests and rubrics

VIII.    Skill Building Sites

IX.           Closure and Workshop Evaluation









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