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Kid Pix Tools

1.  Kid Pix How-To's:  Part 1 - Tools
2.  Wacky Paintbrush Tool and Wacky Mixer Tool - nice chart with picture and explanation of each

Working with Pictures and Slides

1.  Importing Digital Images


1.  Thought Web
2.  Venn Diagrams and Concept Venn Diagrams
3.  Puzzle Classification
4.  Electronic Portfolios Using Kid Pix

Phonics Word Study Reading Comprehension Writing Literature/Poetry

Phonics  top

1.  Beginning Sounds - Using writing tool, "A", students stamp their first name over top of screen, then stamp pictures beginning or ending with each letter underneath appropriate letter.
 Students stamp in pictures which begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. 
Initial Sounds, Practice Beginning Sounds
ABCs - Alphabet Fun  
Make and print out a dictionary
Using straight line tool, students divide screen into 4 sections and stamp pictures beginning with 4 different letters.
2.  Ending Sounds - Find all of the stamps that end with a ck sound, or ch sound (etc.)
3.  Vowels 
Students stamp in pictures which have appropriate vowel sounds.
Word Families - Chunking Venn Diagram - Use the moving van to place the pictures in the correct place.
4.  Action Verbs - Find all stamps that show action.  Write the word under it.  
5.  Adjectives - Stamp pictures, write sentences to describe.
6.  Compound Words - Students look for stamps, that when combined, form compound words.

Word Study  top

1.  Categorization - Students stamp in pictures belonging to a certain group, e.g.: transportation, food, toys, "spring things", "autumn things"
2.  Word Search - Use the Wacky Paintbrush and the ABC option to write hidden words.
3.  Idioms - Idioms
4.  Word Recognition - Labeling Clothes - Can use with other pictures.  Use the moving van to move the words.
5.  Foreign Language - Mini Spanish-English Pictionaries

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