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Kid Pix Tools

1.  Kid Pix How-To's:  Part 1 - Tools
2.  Wacky Paintbrush Tool and Wacky Mixer Tool - nice chart with picture and explanation of each

Working with Pictures and Slides

1.  Importing Digital Images



1.  Thought Web
2.  Venn Diagrams and Concept Venn Diagrams
3.  Puzzle Classification
4.  Electronic Portfolios Using Kid Pix

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Phonics Word Study Reading Comprehension Writing Literature/Poetry

Phonics  top

1.  Beginning Sounds - Using writing tool, "A", students stamp their first name over top of screen, then stamp pictures beginning or ending with each letter underneath appropriate letter.
 Students stamp in pictures which begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. 
Initial Sounds, Practice Beginning Sounds
ABCs - Alphabet Fun  
Make and print out a dictionary
Using straight line tool, students divide screen into 4 sections and stamp pictures beginning with 4 different letters.
2.  Ending Sounds - Find all of the stamps that end with a ck sound, or ch sound (etc.)
3.  Vowels 
Students stamp in pictures which have appropriate vowel sounds.
Word Families - Chunking Venn Diagram - Use the moving van to place the pictures in the correct place.
4.  Action Verbs - Find all stamps that show action.  Write the word under it.  
5.  Adjectives - Stamp pictures, write sentences to describe.
6.  Compound Words - Students look for stamps, that when combined, form compound words.

Word Study  top

1.  Categorization - Students stamp in pictures belonging to a certain group, e.g.: transportation, food, toys, "spring things", "autumn things"
2.  Word Search - Use the Wacky Paintbrush and the ABC option to write hidden words.
3.  Idioms - Idioms
4.  Word Recognition - Labeling Clothes - Can use with other pictures.  Use the moving van to move the words.
5.  Foreign Language - Mini Spanish-English Pictionaries

Reading Comprehension  top

1.  Sight Vocabulary - Mixed up sentences – Use the Keyboard Text to type separate words.  Mix up on the screen.  Students rearrange the words then use Speech menu, Read Text Aloud to hear the new sentence.  Different voices can be picked under Speech menu, Pick a Voice.
2.  Read a Story and Draw the Picture - ColorMe pictures. (Goodies menu, Pick a Draw Me)
Have students write and record their own ColorMe Pictures for other students to use.
**To record:  Goodies menu, Record a Sound
To play: Goodies menu, Play Sound
3.   Favorite Story Part - Draw a picture of your favorite part of a story.   Plan on paper then copy on transparency sheet. 
Two Bad Ants, written by Chris Van Allsburg
Reading with Our Parents - Child and parent read a book together, sketch on paper their favorite part.  Teacher copies sketch on transparency paper via copy machine.  On "Parent Day", parent and child share a computer.  Child teaches parent how to use Kid Pix using their favorite part of the book sketch.  Tape the transparency paper on the computer screen to trace.  Saves lots of time!
4.  Setting of Story - Draw a map of the setting of a story - Hansel and Gretel
5.  Retelling of Story -  Retell stories through a slideshow.  Each child could be responsible for one page, and students can narrate the slideshow through the sounds option. Use a Storyboard planning sheet.  Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

Writing  top

1.   Autobiography - Meet Me – Import picture of self (File menu, Import a Graphic) then write sentence(s) about self.  Record sentences. 
Riddle Me -  Planning sheet divided into 4 sections:  My eyes are ___, My hair is ___, I like ___, It is ___.  Put into a slide show.
My Head is Full of…– based on a book My Head is Full of Colors by Catherine Friend.  Import picture of self and stamp on head things you think of. 
Star of the Week – slides about the child with digital pictures
2.  Alphabet Book - Animal ABC
3.  Rebus stories 
One student to choose 6 stamps that they like, and then choose another student to write a rebus story using those stamps)
4.  Story Starters – create a Story Starter Picture folder and put story starters (pictures, sentences, and/or words or phrases)
5.  Spelling Words - Type spelling words in different colors, different fonts
Trace letters / name / spelling words (teacher writes words with the pencil tool, student traces over the top)
6.   Postcard writing
7.  Interview -Interview a person.  Insert their digital picture and write the interview under it.
8.   Create a stampscape, print and write a story to go with it.

Literature - Poetry  top

1.  Acrostic poems
2.  Points of View Poem (Internet example: What is a Raindrop?)
3.  5 Little Jack-o- lanterns (Halloween Poem)
4.  Snowmen Poem

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Number Sense Math Facts Problem Solving
Time and Money Data Collection and Graphing Geometry

Number Sense  top

1.  Number Recognition/Quantity - Stamp numbers and then use the picture stamps to show quantity.
Kid Pix Dice - Stamp the correct number of stamps for the dice shown.
Students stamp in rows of pictures above each other, then raise hand to indicate they are finished with first phase. Teacher finds another student, who is also finished, students switch seats, count stamps, and write in the correct number next to each row.
How many are 100? - Draw 5 small circles... copy and paste them until you have 100.
2.  Skip Counting 
Dot to Dot (counting and skip counting)
3.  Multiplication - Use the stamps to make groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.. Circle your groups with the pencil tool!
Stamp answers to story problems.  Ex:  There are three trees in my yard.  They have 4 apples each.  How many in all?
4.  Fractions - Draw shapes that are the same size ( copy and paste them to ensure that they are exactly the same size – Use the Moving Van, hold down the Option key while dragging to copy) and use them to compare equivalent fractions.

Math Facts  top

1.  Addition - Number Fun with Dice - Use the dice that is found within the 'paintbrush' to create addition and subtraction math problems. Click the dice 2 times on the screen (a random number will appear) and then count the dots. Extension: add up more than 2 numbers at once.
2.  Times Tables - 'Draw' the times tables using the stamps, then write the number sentence next to it. (use the x letter as the multiplication sign)
3.  Flashcards – make flashcards and print out.


Money  top
1.  Scan clock pictures and import into KidPix (File menu, Import a Graphic)  Students draw hands to show time.
  Make slide show showing what they do during different parts of the school day or a weekend day.
1.  Coin Graphics (available in small, medium, and large)
2. Counting Money - use the graphics above to show the correct money.  
Counting Pennies

Data Collection and Graphing  top

1.   Pictographs - Students create pictographs, graphing results of a quick survey. Use the stamps to create picture graphs of a topic... for example, Pets, Healthy Food, and Traveling to School..... Gathering Data and Making Pictographs

Geometry  top

1.  Symmetry
Find stamps/ paintbrush effects that are symmetrical / asymmetrical
Find the lines of symmetry in a friend's picture
Group letters in your name / the alphabet into symmetrical groups - e.g., vertical, horizontal, multiple diagonal and no lines of symmetry.
2.  Shapes -  Make pictures out of them.  Write a story to go with them.
3.  Sort / Classify - ask students to sort and classify the stamps in Kid Pix Studio.
e.g.: Big things / Small things - Give students a point of reference - e.g. Stamps that are of things bigger than a car / smaller than a car. 
4.  Patterning - Copy and paste shapes to create patterns or extend a pattern a friend has started. 
Stamp the Pattern

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Plants and Animals Seasons Weather
Health Space  Miscellaneous


Animals   top
1.  Making a Diagram (Plant) 1.  Squirrel Habitats
2.  Planting Bush Beans 2.   Slide show about developmental stages of frog, butterfly, etc. Butterfly Studies
3.  Labeling Flower Parts 3.  Life Cycle of Butterflies

Seasons  top

1.  I Know It's Autumn Because... 

Weather  top

1.  Cloud Types

Health  top

1.  The Food Pyramid

Miscellaneous   top

1.  Stream Studies
2.  Balancing and Weighing in the Real World
3.  Science Experiment - llustrate a science experiment and record the steps on several Kid Pix pages and then make a SlideShow to demonstrate your experiment to others.

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People Holidays/Celebrations Miscellaneous
Places Maps

People  top

1.  Johnny Appleseed
2.  Martin Luther King - We Have a Dream
3.  King Tut
4.  Learning About a Chinese Artist - Wang Yani 
5.  Historical Person - Import digital  picture of student into Kid Pix. Student alters picture to show himself as a character of a book or a person in the past. Student types description of person/character underneath altered picture.
6.  Myself - All About Me Quilt
Myself and Others Slideshow

Places  top

United States World
1.  V is for Virginia: A Class Alphabet Book 1.  Tiger Slippers: Ming Dynasty 
2.  Jamestown Colony Timeline 2.  Egypt Fact Slide Show
3.  Farm Word Wall

Neighborhood and Communities   top

1.   Record neighborhood sounds with a portable recorder and then make a picture of the sound and import the sound you recorded. Use the pictures to create a visual and auditory picture of where you live.
2.  Make a SlideShow of your school (or neighborhood, field trip, farm animals, city, country, a zoo, etc.).
3.  Draw and paint a picture of your home.
4.  Where We Live

Holidays/Celebrations  top

1.  Magic Hand Turkeys - Thanksgiving
2.  Celebrating the 100th Day
3.  Christmas Templates

 Maps  top

1.Templates - Students are given templates of maps to color. They type in labels.  
Mexico Maps
2.   Draw a map of your home, room, school, neighborhood, etc.
3.  Students import a map with latitude/longitude lines into Kid Pix, turn it into a topographical map with stamps depicting certain areas. They add legend.

Miscellaneous  top

1.  Transportation Word Match

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