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Holidays  Top

  1. Thanksgiving - "I am thankful for..."

  2. Magic Hand Turkeys - Thanksgiving

  3. Celebrating the 100th Day

  4. Christmas Templates 


  1. Johnny Appleseed-

  2. Martin Luther King: We Have a Dream 

  3. King Tut 

  4. Learning About a Chinese Artist - Wang Yani 

  5. Historical Person - Import digital  picture of student into Kid Pix. Student alters picture to show himself as a character of a book or a person in the past. Student types description of person/character underneath altered picture.

  6. Myself -

    1. All About Me Quilt - 

    2. Myself and Others Slideshow 

Places Top

  1. V is for Virginia: A Class Alphabet Book- 

  2. Jamestown Colony Timeline

  3. Farm Word Wall 

  4. Tiger Slippers: Ming Dynasty 

  5. Egypt Fact Slide Show

  6. Neighborhood

    1. Record neighborhood sounds with a portable recorder and then make a picture of the sound and import the sound you recorded. Use the pictures to create a visual and auditory picture of where you live.

    2. Make a SlideShow of your school (or neighborhood, field trip, farm animals, city, country, a zoo, etc.).

    3. Draw and paint a picture of your home.

    4. Where We Live 

Maps Top

  1. Templates - Students are given templates of maps to color. They type in labels. 

  2. Draw a map of your home, room, school, neighborhood, etc.

  3. Students import a map with latitude/longitude lines into Kid Pix, turn it into a topographical map with stamps depicting certain areas. They add legend.

Miscellaneous Top

  1. Transportation Word Match-








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