Creating Pictographs with Microsoft Excel 


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1.  First, put in your labels and data:

2.  Highlight the information and click on the Chart Wizard .
3.  Choose the Column Graph then click Finish.
4.  You will see your information as below.  Next, insert a picture to represent the data.  From the Insert menu, choose Picture, then Clip Art.  It will show up next to the graph.
5.  Click on the inserted picture then from the Edit menu, choose Copy.
6.  Click on the graph to select it then click on one of the bars.  You will notice that all of the bars are selected (black square in the middle of each).
7.  Click once again on one of the bars to select only it.
8.  From the Edit menu, choose Paste to paste the object on the bar.
9. Double-click the bar with the picture.  Make sure the Pattern tab is selected.  Click the Fill Effects button in the bottom right corner.
10.  Select the Picture Tab.  Under Format on the left side, choose Stack and scale to: and type 1 in the Units/Picture box.  Click OK and OK again.
11.  Paste the picture into each of the other bars.  You many add other chart options (titles, legends, data labels, etc.) from the Chart menu, Chart Options.

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