The One Computer Classroom

-for High School Teachers-

Thursday, April 11
8-11 a.m. and 12-2 p.m.
Lunch 11-12
at the District Office




Introduction to the One Computer Class

  1. History of Technology
    How has "technology" impacted education? 
    Technology used:  PowerPoint

  2. Pros/Cons – Classroom vs. Lab:
    Why do I need a computer in my classroom?
    Technology used:  FrontPage

  3. Assessing technology resources and curriculum goals:
    What are your goals for your students?  What resources do you have available?
    Technology used:  Inspiration

  4. Classroom management tips and Overview of Categories of Computer Use:
    How do I manage the computer use and what activities can I incorporate into my classroom?
    Technology Use:  Microsoft Word



Category 1 - One Computer as a “Smart Chalkboard" / Presentation Tool

  1. “Smart Chalkboard" software and curriculum applications:
    What software do I have that could be used as the “Smart Chalkboard" / Presentation Tool?
     What lesson examples are available?        

  2. Presentation devices
    What devices can I use to project the information?

  3. Sites that offer graphics, tutorials, and other tools for creating presentations
    Where can I find graphics on the Internet?
    Where can I find tutorials and other tools for creating presentations?

  4. Reflection time


Category 2 - One Computer as a Collaborative Learning Tool

  1. Cooperative/Collaborative Group Background
    Why use Cooperative/Collaborative Groups?      
    How collaborative is your Classroom? - Take this quiz.
    What are some elements of cooperative/collaborative groups?

  2. Cooperative/Collaborative Group Structures
    How can I structure my classroom for cooperative/collaborative groups?

  3. Software for Interactive Collaboration / Cooperation

  4. Internet Resources for Interactive Collaboration

    1. WebQuests

    2. Collaborative Online Projects

  5. What software do I have that could be used for Collaborative Learning?

  6. Reflection time
    Technology Integration Plan



Category 3 - One Computer as a Learning Station

  1. Management

  2. Software

  3. Internet Resources

  4. Reflection time


Category 4 - One Computer as a Teacher Tool

  1. Software
     What software do I have that could be used as a Teacher Tool?

  2. Internet

    1. Listservs

    2. Lesson Plans

    3. Worksheets, Rubrics

    4. Online Practice/Test Generators

  3. Subject Specific Resources

  4. Reflection time




Teacher and kids with computer graphic used with permission from Dennis Cox.