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Personal Productivity 



  1. Listservs - Join an educational listserv to connect with other teachers across the world.

  2. Lesson Plans 

  3. Worksheets, Certificates, Rubrics

    • Puzzlemaker - ... Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists. Build your own maze or print our specialty hand-drawn mazes created around holidays and classroom topics.

    • Certificates, Awards, Achievement Certificates - Success Award Certificates - ...a free site that has almost 500 free certificates to print from the web

    • - ...over 250 Worksheets 1,000 Webquests and 9,000 Lesson Plans. Free math worksheets from Algebra to Trigonometry, plus a well organized directory of lesson plans, webquests, and educational software.

  1. Online Practice / Test Generators
  • Create 14 types of games and learning activities: Matching game, Flash cards, Concentration game, Word search puzzle, Challenge board, Columns activity, Hangman game, Jumbled words, Ordered list activity, Picture perfect activity, Pop-ups, Rags to riches game, Scavenger hunt, and Cloze activity.  

  • Create quizzes with 8 types of questions:  Multiple choice, True-false, Pop-up, Multiple correct, Fill-in, Initial answer, Short answer, and Essay.
  • Create class pages for communicating with students
  • Maintain an online schedule and calendar
  • Upload images and audio clips
  • $49 a year to create your own.  You may still use other teachers' activities for free.
  • Quizlab fromFunbrain - ...Give paperless quizzes to your class. Quiz Lab automatically grades the quizzes and emails the results to you. Access thousands of assessment quizzes written by teachers like you
  • Quiz Center -  ...Quiz Center is a powerful tool you can use to create, administer, and grade quizzes online. Without any Web development background whatsoever, you'll be able to make online quizzes that provide instant feedback to you and your students. All you have to do is join My Discovery and set up a Custom Classroom.
  • Vocabulary Quiz Wiz - ... Discovery School's Vocabulary Quiz Whiz lets you quickly create a random-order list of vocabulary words and definitions
  • Instant Glossary Builder -  ...Discovery School's Instant Glossary Builder lets you create a custom glossary from any list of vocabulary words. That means you can give students a list of the most helpful, relevant terms for any project or assignment — in any subject area.
  1. Subject Specific Resources


Presentation Tool   | Collaborative Groups   | Learning Station    |

Personal Productivity 

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