The One Computer Classroom

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Lab vs. Classroom   Categories of Computer Use


  1. Discussion on Placement of Computers - Computer Lab vs. Classroom
    • Computer Labs Versus Classroom Integration Of Computers ...This article argues for the advantages of classroom computers versus having computers only in the computer lab.  Think of four benefits of having the computer in your classroom.
    • Placing Computers: Classroom or Lab ...The author lists four reasons why computers should be placed in the classroom instead of the computer lab.  Links  to research studies are provided to support these claims.  In addition, four essential conditions for full integration of technology are outlined.  Think about the issues that you must address to integrate technology into your classroom.
    • NEA today debate:  Should School Computer Labs be Phased Out? - A classroom teacher outlines her reasons why the computer lab should be phased out while a computer lab instructor argues for the continuation of this model.  At the end of the article is a closed discussion forum where readers have voiced their opinion.  Think about the pros and cons of each model.  Are there times when each could be to your advantage?
    • Strategies for Allocating Computers - ...This article looks at 5 different methods for allocating computers:  Distribution among the regular classroom, Computers in labs, Mobile Computer Labs, Incremental Roll-out, and School-within-a-school.  Which method, or combination of methods, would work best for your school?


  2. Categories of Computer Use

Presentation Tool/ "Smart Chalkboard"  

Collaborative Groups
Learning Station
Personal Productivity


Lab vs. Classroom | Categories of Computer Use

Teacher and kids with computer graphic used with permission from Dennis Cox. 

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