How to Create 
a Slideshow


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  • Collect Your Pictures
    • Make sure all your pictures are the same size and orientation.
    • Put the pictures in your Image folder.

  • Adding the JavaScript
    • Go to - "JavaScript Slideshow (increment preload image)"
    • Scroll down to the Direction section.  
    • Highlight and copy the script in the scroll box. (Highlight then Edit menu, Copy)
    • Return to your Web Authoring Program.  Click where you would like to place the slideshow.
    • Go to the HTML view.
    • Past the script.  (Edit menu, Paste)

  • Editing the JavaScript
    • Find the line near the top that says - //set image paths
      src = ["image1.gif", "image2.gif", "image3.gif", "image4.gif"]
    • Highlight between the " " and type the name of each picture.  Be sure you put the correct extension (.gif or .jpg).
    • Add additional images to the line or delete ones you are not using (note:  setup is for 4 images).
    • Scroll down to the section that says - 


      <A HREF="javascript:doLink();" onMouseOver="status=url[ct];return true;"


      <IMG NAME="Ad_Image" SRC="image1.gif" BORDER=0>


    • Change " SRC="image1.gif"  to the name of your first image.

  • Viewing the Slideshow
    • Return to Normal view.  If there is an x instead of the picture, right-click on it then choose Picture Properties.
    • Under Picture Source, make sure your picture is named there.  If not, click Browse and find the picture file.
    • Click on the Preview tab (or File menu, Preview in Browser) to see how it will look in the Browser.



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